Are you about finished with your research paper, ready to bring it to the printers?

Do you have a text written in English which you’d like to correct for arrows errors in grammar, vocabulary, spelling or punctuation?

Here is how it works:

  • Fill in the form at right with document specifications.
  • After review an individualized offer will be made.
  • Send the document as data file (Email, CD-ROM or ZIP100) or via regular mail.
  • Customized service includes:
    • Corrections in basic grammar and sentence structure
    • Reworking and rewriting when necessary or desired
      (Utmost care would be taken to maintain the original ideas and writing style.)
    • Proofreading - checking for errors in style and/or imprecise usage of terminology (including foreign words)
    • Text edits, corrections and improvements

  • Material will be proofread twice digitally and manually.
  • Here is what you get back:
    • Completed translation will be sent back via E-mail or regular mail.
    • Recommendations to make the text easier to read and understand would be supplied with the original text and incorporated into the final translation.
    • If necessary, discussion with the author may be necessary to find the most accurate text.
  • Kay Bürklin is a native English speaker
  • Bachelor and Master’s degrees from American universities
  • Teaching English experience in Japan and the Philippines
  • Volkshochschule English teacher in Berlin, Germany
Are you about finished with your research paper, ready to bring it to the printers? Proofreading English, Korrekturlesen und Textkorrektur von Diplomarbeiten und anderen Vorlagen in Englisch
Let us do the work for you!
(i.e. Thesis, 100 pages)

Textkorrektur Deutsch, proofreading German Proofreading German

Kay Bürklin
c/o Martina Baumann GbR

Franz-Stenzer-Str. 57
12679 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 - 22 50 66 11


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